The Cheswick's tube: our family animations and time lapse

Time Lapse

  • Five Days of Downtown San Diego. I hauled a VCR, a video camera, and a suitcase full of 8-hour VHS tapes to the January 1996 San Diego Usenix. I scored a nice room on a high floor of the Marriott, and recorded the city view in real time for five days. (This required planning sleep and conference breaks in time to swap tapes.) I created a time lapse movie from this data.

    There's a lot of detail here. Can you see the cleaning crews moving through the buildings? I especially like the changing surges of clouds. Alas, it was in January, so the majority of the movie is at night.

  • The life of a drip castle. My Dad taught me to make these when I was a kid, and it is still one of the best parts of going to the beach.

    This is a transfer of an 8mm movie made with a camera that had a time lapse setting. I am still mad that someone stole that camera, and doubtless had no idea of that elusive feature. Of course, we have much better technology now.

    The beginning of the video has a brief shot of Lorette at our Philly house. It will be elided when I get access to the Mac.

  • In production:
  • Morristown to Nantucket at Mach 2,
  • the The Nantucket Sleigh Ride, But Faster,
  • Gorgo Throws Up Miami,
  • The Making of Gorgo,
  • Incoming at ACK,
  • Outgoing Tide, and the long awaited
  • Nantucket Bath House.
  • Animations

  • Gorgo Eats Miami. A thrilling action film. Captured on an SGI Indy. 1880 frames later, I used the SGI moviemaker to glue them together, and later a converter to make the MPG.

    I have made this movie three times in my life. The first was a collaboration with Jim Condon at Lawrenceville. The second was a remake filmed at Lehigh for my Film class. Both copies are lost to the mists of time. Review:

    Powerful! Exciting! I was mesmerized! Cheswick makes Gorgo come alive! Miami hasn't seen this much excitement since Crockett and Tubbs! -- B. Clapper
  • Kids' Movies

    I set up an animation table with a nearby computer running a simple shell script: hit the return key, and an image is snapped. EOF, and a movie file is generated. The kids were about ten when they made these. Obviously, Gorgo was an influence in their movie careers.
  • Citi. I think Maggie and Kestrel made this one.
  • Boxing. The wielding of a sword suggests that Terry made this.
  • Happy New Year, Mom.
  • Kablam.
  • Rugrat Magz.
  • No Gor. Terry's answer to Gorgo.
  • Rachael Quis' experiment.
  • Sliding. Apparently a group effort.
  • Terry's experiment.
  • Worm experiment. I might have made this one.
  • Another worm experiment.
  • To be catalogued

  • castle1.mpeg.