Insult passphrase generator

Insult code by Ron Hardin.

Each entry has about 42 bits of randomness. Queries are not recorded. Randomness is probably as good as the random resource in the operating system.

You exhausting tallboy of ravaged wombat spittle

You aggravating pottle of unwholesome woodchuck ructation

You horrific overnight bag of wormy bettong extravasation

You shapeless dosser of soiled fox squirrel survivals

You disgusting tray of harmful dark Cornish eccrisis

You harrowing credenza of neuralgic bandicoot exudate

You galling coffee cup of tabid tussah mucus

You bitter sacculus of veneniferous balloonfish scoria

You stinking matchbox of communicable manatee sewage

You hideous biggin of venenous bearded lizard shit