Posterior Tibial Tendon Insufficiency - old updates

Posterior Tibial Tendon Insufficiency - old updates

September 1998

As of September 1998, things are pretty much back to normal. I can do pretty much anything I used to be able to, though I still have the 15 pounds gained from this. Walking and bicycling are now available to help shed that weight. After a bit of exercise, or when I am tired, a limp returns, though I usually don't notice it. That limp may have been the cause of a little bursitis I've had this summer.

The right foot is Ok. I have had to ice it occasionally, and it seems to help to keep wearing the orthotics for support.

Some people end up with permanent pain following foot surgery. I don't have that problem. If I take it easy, these feet may last without further field-change orders. Or not.

Yes, I would do it again. The surgery wasn't that bad, and the recovery was a chance to catch up on some reading. The pain was never horrendous, and it is good to get something fixed. BTW, the total cost, including PT, was about $40,000. We had about the normal number of insurance hassles.

January 1999

All is well. I still avoid icy, lumpy snow and forest paths can be a bit treacherous.

I have just received a report of a cause I hadn't heard of before:

I experienced a ruptured left PTT in 3/96. It happened overnight. I have come to find that certain antibiotics (quinilones) can cause this. I had taken Cipro prior to the rupture. It took five months to diagnose (and six doctors). Since then, I have had one experience where my doctor forgot and prescribed a quinilone (Floxin). In a few days I was in pain with both left and right PTT. Now my doctor and pharmacy have flagged my files so I will not be given these antibiotics again. It may not have been the cause or the total cause of the rupture, but the second episode made me believe it was probably a large contributor.

I have instructed my doctor that I don't want to take these antibiotics unless the situation is life-threatening. (There are generally alternatives available.) I have also informed my pharmacy to warn me if anything in this class of compounds is prescribed.

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