PTT Insufficiency: 155 days post-op

155 days post-op

The boot is off. I have my orthotics in my New Balance sneakers (are they still called sneakers?) The foot is a little swollen, and my shoe only just fits. The foot is stiff and has aches in various parts from time to time, but I can walk. My gait is a little strange and slow, but stairs seem to be okay. It is strange to have a "short" left leg.

I must avoid non-flat surfaces. Leaf raking and blowing is dangerous: you never know when you are going to step on some uneven ground. Snow and icy sidewalks may well be a problem soon.

For the first time I can actually feel the calcaneal osteotomy. The base of the foot feels triangular and much more stable, which was the idea, of course.

My six month handicap tags have expired, and I feel no justification to renew. I can walk across the parking lot just fine. It was very useful for a while, and I am grateful. It still hurts a lot to stand in one place for a few minutes: it would be nice if supermarkets had a handicapped line. I lean on things a lot.

almost six months post-op

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