PTT Insufficiency: Update - Two weeks Post-op

Update: Two weeks Post-op

When your foot is stuck up in the air, you need something to look forward to. I was looking forward to the removal of the splint, and my first look at The Foot. I expected it to look like the work of Dr. Frankenstein, and wasn't disappointed.

I was tended to by a gentle and competent nurse named Donna. She removed the splint, cleaned up things, removed the stitches (38), and applied the cast. Lorette helped.

We took some photos, which are not for the squeamish:

The cast is made of fiberglass. The strips are moistened with polyurethane, Which glues the whole thing together. If I wanted to, I could sand it and add more coats, bringing out the rich grain of the fiberglass.

It turns out that you have a choice of colors. My helpers chose green (of course) plus an oxymoron called "neon camo".

For the technically inclined, the surgery report is available.

Spirits (and my toes) are still high, and I am able to type on the laptop for a while, though eventually my back complains about this poor posture.

The cast stays on for four weeks. Then we go in for an Official Check and x-rays. Then another cast (don't get that one wet either!) for another four weeks. The next cast will bring the beginning of weight bearing.

Update: 8 weeks post-op.

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