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Generate iOS app icons from simple source

If, for some reason, you don't use Apple's storyboard feature to generate the zillions of icons needed for an app, I have here the makezoom shell script which will use one master file to spit out almost all the icons you need this week to drag into Xcode to make an app happy.

The script uses mostly netpbm, with maybe some ImageMagick, to munge a master image into the zillions needed in the image cassette. You still have to drag each one in, making sure you aren't adding the wrong sizes (keep an eye on the warning messages.) I tried to make the names useful.

An app still needs an image for the app store, which this doesn't do.

I do have another version of this script which uses LaTeX to generate a nice text image that gets processed. I will put it up if requested.

Favorites from the past

Here's some of my favorite software. It was written at the Labs.
  • My favorite editor for programming is sam. Rob Pike's minimalist design makes much saner use of the mouse than I've seen anywhere else. Sam has been released: Sean Quinlan did an excellent job on the Windows 95 version. There is also an X version available.
    I have a version slightly adapted to work on Fedora Core 4 at linux-sam.tgz. Just compile and install. The fonts are here in p9snf.tgz. Unpack this directory into /usr/local/lib.
  • 9term is an X version of a Plan 9 window by Bob Flandrena. It is easy to learn, and much better than stuff like xterm.
  • Here is a clever replacement for getopt. Less is more. Here is a sample.
  • Finally, here is the longest BASIC program I ever wrote. It was written one week in June, 1974. Some modifications were made by Rich Conway. Note: it is Y2K compliant.

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