PTT Insufficiency: Checkup at 4.5 months post-op

4.5 months post-op

We've just returned from a two-week trip to China. The trip went well, and the foot held up pretty well. I can't stand or walk for a long time in a museum. I had to sit often at places like the Summer Palace. There were no special problems climbing several hundred feet to the Great Wall on very uneven concrete. The hand rails were very helpful.

Several people in China asked if we had gone there to get treatment. Clearly, they believe in their medicine.

Two things would tend to hurt after a while: the heel of the left foot, and various tendons, including the PTT, in the right ("good") foot. There were limits, and I had to take some Ibuprophen and put my feet up after a while. Things were usually much renewed the next day. When I visit a new city, I like to walk around for a few miles. This was not feasible.


I went in for a checkup today. Dr. Deland is pleased with the progress of the foot, and it seems to be okay to me. I had two standing x-rays, and actually turned around a couple of times with no support. It was weird to have the left leg the same length as the right: the first time in about six months. The foot felt fine.

I have to do some PTT exercises, pointing the toe inward. It stings a little when I try. Later, when it feels better, I am to push against a mild resistance.

Apparently my original x-rays are missing. Dr. Deland wants to use them in a talk in a couple of weeks. I'd like to hear the talk.

The orthotics are not ready yet, or at least an appointment wasn't possible until early November. When I get them, I will be allowed to use them in shoes instead of The Boot. One has to stick to flat ground and the like. Slippery rocks and woodland paths will still need the cast.

I asked some questions to try to gauge the state of the foot. In a flaming building I should leave without staying to put the boot on. (There was a time when I figured I wouldn't be able to get out without the support.) But a two-AM bathroom trip still requires support.

I am not cleared to ride a bicycle or exercise bike until after the next checkup in the third week in November. I need it: I've gained about 7-10 pounds lying around since the surgery.

I asked about the problem joining side-by-side tendons in the surgery report. It says that they could not be joined because there was a nerve nearby. It turns out that the tendons are involved in curling my toes, which I can do just fine.

Our doctor's bill mounts. We have to get back to the business of beating up the insurance company to get reasonable payments.

155 days post-op

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